Zaffaroni insists on pardoning Cristina and said that there is “political persecution” against Trump

Former Supreme Court Justice Eugenio Zaffaroni, was shown this Sunday, April 9, prone to the possibility that the president Alberto Fernandez use your power please to the vice president Cristina Kirchner if there were a “definitive sentence before the elections”.

In his opinion, a ruling of these characteristics by the highest court “would be something too open, too brazen”, and in these circumstances the head of state should intervene.

“From my point of view, I could pardon her now, but they are going to declare that unconstitutional“, admitted in dialogue with Radius 10.

Zaffaroni spoke of a “catastrophic situation” after Cristina’s conviction and claimed that “she was left very alone”

“There are two criteria regarding the pardon. In the case of the defendants, I think it corresponds, because our constitution is more or less a copy of that of the United States, where the pardon of the accused is clear. But, naturally , if you do it now, the Court would say no, and it would make no sense“, broad.

For the former judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Supreme Court in Argentina is peculiar because “there is no supreme court with four or five judges, which is an inadmissible concentration of power.”

“So we got to this state in which you have a concentration of power in Comodoro Py, a lawfare running at full speed and a Supreme Court that does anything. We are in a legal situation where everyone exercises power as they want, only limited by the other factors of power”, he reflected.

In addition, he said that “there is no project” from the Government either, since, “for example, we did not have an Attorney General, which is a duty of the Executive (Power).

Zaffaroni criticized the “lawfare” in the United States against Trump

Speaking to radio10Zaffaroni thought that “there is a very clear sense of political persecution“, and assured that” the the war of laws that works” in Argentina is also present “in our entire region” and now also in the United States with the situation that the former president is going through donald trump.

“Is he lawfare within the united states. I don’t like that character, of course, but regardless of that, they are persecuting him politically, that’s clear. They do it using the Judiciary and the media, ”he opined.

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