“The State stole US$500,000 million”: Milei deluded the field with eliminating withholdings

the dissertation of javier milei in the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) found favorable echoes this Wednesday, April 12, in the auditorium made up of the directors of the institution, who welcomed their promise to eliminate the currency gap and withholdingswhich would result -according to his prognosis- in benefits of magnitude for the field.

“The sector would triple its income”, saw the deputy and presidential candidate, who on the other hand dedicated they say explosives to the government and the state. that they would have “stolen” from the producers a total of “US$500,000 million”according to the reasoning of the liberal economist.

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miley He was received by the head of the Argentine Rural Society, Nicolás Pino, and throughout his presentation he delved into the current economic measures that “harm” the sector. His intervention occurred in the context of the event attended by the main opposition presidential candidates to approximate their national proposals before producers and members of the SRA.

“In these 20 years, the sector was robbed of just over 170,000 million dollars with withholdings”affirmed the leader of Libertad Avanza.

Javier Miley. Photo: Pablo Cuartorolo

However, if you factor in the currency gap adjustment, the sum rises to $500 billion, according to the libertarian’s estimate.

“If that is adjusted with the exchange gap, it means that the State stole US$500,000 million”Milei explained on the Rural property.

If the exchange rate gap and withholdings were eliminated”exposed Milei, “the sector would triple its income. From there, I would be taking my foot off them and they could grow and contribute a lot to the Argentina that we have dreamed of, ”he explained.

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He also referred to the supposed elimination of the Central Bank and assured that with said measure “there would be no more gap, there would be a single price for the dollar, the market would be free”.

“Look how wonderful the Argentine countryside is, that they take half of the income, then they charge withholdings and on top of that, after all that, they charge more than 20 taxes. It’s a miracle you survived. Therefore, without a doubt, you are the most efficient sector in the world and to deny that is to deny the main benefit and advantage that you have”, Milei insisted before the producers and leaders of the Argentine Rural Society.

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Milei-Bullrich tuning

Javier Milei’s statements were close to those of Patricia Bullrich, given that The president of the PRO spoke of lifting the exchange rate and the end of withholdings.

“You cannot make currency an unreal value,” says Bullrich.

To lower retentions, the candidate of Together for Change raised”really lower the three forms of the fiscal deficit of argentina. With balance, we will be able to hack withholdings,” she graphed.


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