Silvina Giudici: “If Maduro came, it could have happened, not a shooting, but a fight”

Silvana Giudici, former deputy of the UCR, expressed her opinion about the statements of the president of Venezuela. “lThe only rat is Nicolás Maduro”, held in Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9). In turn, he stressed that he did not come to the country because he was “a wanted dictator” and that “he himself admitted that he did intelligence.” “Maduro feared a confrontation between his security and the Argentine Police who were going to have to arrest him,” he said.

What do you think of what Nicolás Maduro said about his absence from CELAC?

If I speak for Patricia (Bullrich) I do it politically correct: it is an aberration that dictators have an opinion about our presidential candidates and about the complaint that Patricia made so that she does not come.

Maduro said that he did not come to the CELAC Summit in Argentina because they wanted to ambush him

Speaking for myself, I tell you that the only rat is maturehe purposely leaves the SEBIN basements where the political prisoners are kept, that should worry him.

It is a shame that a dictator of these characteristics has been invited by our country and that Alberto Fernandez rolls out the red carpet. The DEA complaint is horrible, you’re right. The frightening thing is what Maduro hides.

The case of the “narco nephews”

What was the cause for which you are sought internationally?

In a case that became known as “narcosobrinos”, the DEA arrested precisely his nephews, Efraín and Francisco Flores, in Haiti in 2015. They were later extradited to New York where they were tried and found guilty: they had 800 kilos cocaine and cash. And in that investigation, the nephews themselves confessed that the money they collected was for the campaign of Cilia FlowersMaduro’s wife, who at that time was running for Assembly deputy.

Therefore, this complaint that Bullrich makes, and that motivates Maduro not to come, generates a new alert before the DEA. It is that, it is worth remembering, that when he assumes Joe Biden exchanges Maduro’s narco-nephews who were held in New York, for five executives of the CITGO oil company who were imprisoned by the Venezuelan president for an alleged cause of corruption.

Patricia Bullrich, with Macri and Juliana Awada in Patagonia: “We are the change or we are nothing”

In other words, in this exchange, the nephews return to their country and now enjoy the impunity of the Chavista regime, but if both Maduro and they leave the country, They have an international arrest warrant. This is why Patricia Bullrich courageously denounced them, who, as a former Minister of Security, was perfectly aware of this DEA and INTERPOL international alert system.

He does not come because he is a wanted dictator. He knows that if he sets foot in countries where there is still democracy, he will not be able to rest easy.

So the statement made by Maduro that there was going to be a fight outside Venezuelan territory has to do with the fact that he was going to face an arrest warrant and there was going to be a shootout between his custody and the Argentine police who were going to arrest him?

Not a shooting, but maybe a fight. The first thing to say, and he himself confesses it in the audio, is that Bullrich’s complaint makes him back down. Secondly, it says that made intelligence, who spied on those who were going to meet in the march. And lastly, he mentions the Judicial Party because those people who gathered in the march were exiles from their country who had to leave because of the atrocities they suffered in the basements of SEBIN.

Richard Blanco: “The criminal corporation of Nicolás Maduro is denounced for committing crimes against humanity”

That is to say that there is a complaint where the testimony of the deputy is white richard and of other political prisoners of Maduro who had to leave Venezuela and who sought asylum in our country. That complaint reached the Justice and it was moving quickly because there are, with testimonies and evidence, the violations of Human Rights that the regime of this dictator continues to carry out.

For all this, it was the opposition and Patricia Bullrich, who said not to come, embracing the democracy of our country. Even Luis Lacalle Pou and Gabriel Boric told the Argentine government face to face that crimes against humanity have no place in CELAC.


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