Scandal in Río Negro that splashes the National Government: they sent almost $100 million to the candidate of the Evita Movement

He Evita Movementthe Secretariat of Social Economy -both managed by Emilio Persian– and the candidate for governor of Río Negro from the Evita Movement, silvia horneThey were involved in a scandal over millionaire transfers made to a civil association directly linked to the applicant.

The controversy arose from an investigation headed by the referent of the Civic-ARI Coalition Hernán Reyes, who was able to determine that the Civil Association for All received between 2021 and 2022 a total of 86,100,000 pesos through agreements within the framework of the Promote Work Program and another 10,500,000 additional pesos through subsidies from the National Institute of Associations and Social Economy (INAES): the social plans program and the cooperative organization are led by Emilio Pérsico and Alexander Roig, also referents of the Evita Movement.

“This civil association is one of the cooperatives that is part of the Evita Movement. The direct cash that it receives is through the agreements with the INAES, which do not have allocation criteria,” said Reyes, in dialogue with PROFILE.

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The questioned civil association is chaired by Silvio Treuque, who in 2017 knew how to be appointed as secretary of the Organization of the Evita Movement in Río Negro.

The Buenos Aires legislator said that the facts were denounced and the case was left in the hands of federal judge María Eugenia Capuchettiwho they now expect to carry out raids to investigate.

Those targeted by the Civic Coalition-ARI are Pérsico, in his role as Secretary of Social Economy; Roig; the national director of Compliance and Inspection of the INAES, Milagros Moya; and the president of the Evita Limitada Federation of Work Cooperatives, Gildo Onorato.

The complaint is for alleged commission of the crimes of fraud against the public administration, illicit association, breach of duties under his charge, and negotiations incompatible with the exercise of public functions.

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As this medium was able to know, it was Elisa Carrio who commissioned his party to investigate, in August 2022, the actions of the Evita Movement with the cooperatives, having precedents such as the one revealed PROFILE about Homeland on the Shoulderwhose leader, also of the “Avoid“, he tricked bills for millions of pesos, used militant front men to collect that money and did not carry out the work for which the Ministry of Social Development sent him the relevant funds.

From there, from the CC he made a request for access to information that gave details of the funds and beneficiary cooperatives, discovering that until December 2021, “The secretariat led by Pérsico sent almost 4 billion pesos to cooperatives directly or indirectly linked to the Evita Movement“. In this context, they specified that about $1.9 billion went directly to the “Evita Federation”, whose president is Gildo Onorato.

The Civil Association for All, beneficiary of almost 100 million pesos justified in “socio-community” tasks, is linked to Silvia Horne, candidate for governor of Río Negro, through various leaders of the Evita Movement from that Patagonian province, mainly members of the Paillalef family: Juan, provincial delegate of the Brick Workers’ Union of the Argentine Republic; María, coordinator of the “The State in your Neighborhood” program in Río Negro; and Ernesto, Director of Monitoring of Integration Programs of the Ministry of Social Development.

They denounce the Evita Movement for defrauding the State for more than $3,000 million

For Kings, It is about money that was given political use. “People are left in the middle. The claim of the social organizations is that they are just distributing the money among the cooperatives.”

“We believe that there is public money that is being used with a political exploitation“, raised the president of the Civic-ARI Coalition in Río Negro, Javier Acevedo.

Speaking to Argentine Newsthe candidate for provincial legislator pointed out that “there has been a major staging of Horne’s candidacyscam venues and posters throughout Río Negro“. “He carried out a fairly important campaign and such use is striking, knowing what it costs,” Acevedo addressed.

Elections in Río Negro: La Cámpora vs. Evita Movement “and Alberto Fernández”

Horne will compete next Sunday in the provincial elections as head of the list of the space Vamos con Todos, a local version of the Frente de Todos: after serving as a national deputy, she is currently a legislator in Río Negro and will now seek the Governor’s office.

However, the Minister of the Interior Pedro’s “Wado” came out to clarify that said candidate “is not from Kirchnerism”, implying an intern with the Evita Movement in that district.

“Given the misinformation, a clarification: the front Nos Une Río Negro, within the Rionegrino Great Agreement reached by Senator Alberto Weretilneck and Senator Martín Doñate, is the only list that has the support of Kirchnerism,” he clarified on Twitter.

From Kirchnerism they confirmed PROFILE that it is a internal Peronist between La Cámpora and the Evita Movement. “and Alberto Fernandez“, they added, letting it be understood that the president endorses Horne.

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Justice resolved that Tolosa Paz provide a report on cooperatives

As a result of this scandal, the Civic Coalition requested new access to public information so that the Ministry of Social Development, which leads victory tolosa peace explain the details of these million-dollar transfers, such as who authorized them.

Tolosa Paz denied us this requestand we denounce it. In the first instance they agreed with us, then she appealed and the camera also ruled in favor. In 10 days you will have to give us the details, which is the term given by Justice“, assured Reyes to PROFILE.


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