“My life was complicated by a barbecue”: a deputy drove drunk

The deputy from Mendoza for the Radical Civic Union (UCR) Flavia Dalmau was fined and her car was seized after driving drunk in the early hours of Thursday. According to the official, she found herself returning from a meeting with friends, where four of them had a bottle of wine. “My life was complicated by a barbecue”the woman mused.

Although the news came to light on Friday, according to the police report, the control was carried out on Thursday at 2:30 in the morning near Provincial Route 92 and Francisco Delgado, in the department of Tunuyán. rice that Dalmau had 0.83 grams per liter of alcohol in his bloodwhen the maximum allowed in Mendoza is 0.5 (in the province there is no Zero Alcohol Law).

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After the process, she will leave the place with a friend who offered to take her home. “We came in a caravan and they only stopped me“, explained the legislator in dialogue with the news portal The Andes. Likewise, Dalmau referred to versions that indicated that the agents “had smelled alcohol” when they stopped her at the control and clarified that “it was all a lie.”

Given this fact, the traffic agents seized the Ford Focus vehicle and the deputy’s driver’s license. In addition, they carved a fine greater than $160,000 and will have a disqualification to drive between 30 and 180 days.

“I never thought I would have taken too much”: Dalmau’s version

in dialogue with DIARY ONE, Dalmau chapter the episode. In this regard, he explained that throughout the week he was “working fully with the campaign,” referring to the candidacy for governor of national deputy Alfredo Cornejo. For this reason, he explained that on Wednesday night “I felt like I needed to get together with friends to downshift”.

About the meeting, he specified that there were five people and they had “a bottle of wine for the barbecue.” According to him, one of those present did not drink alcohol. “Oh sea what we drank the bottle between four people“, he recalled. In this sense, he maintained that “I never thought I had taken too much” and that he only found out about this fact when the breathalyzer test came back positive.

“The conclusion I draw is that I didn’t even imagine that I could test positive and now I have a problem, because I use the car to take my daughter to school, I find myself with a fine to pay and I don’t know how long my license will be withheld. basic, yesand complicated my life for a barbecue“, synthesized the legislator.


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