Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, beat up Bitcoin

JPMorgan CEO, jamie dimondshowed his Contempt for bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies even though your bank is developing its own blockchain and digital currency. The banker’s reasons: the volatility of these types of assets.

The price of BTC fluctuated a lot in recent years, reaching $70,000 before falling again. However, these days cryptocurrency lives a bull partyor change in trend with the value of the asset rising.

However, this for Dimon means nothing and called the crypto universe a “waste of time” questioning what will happen when the bitcoin supply peaks at 21 million coinssomething that is not expected to happen until well into the next century.

Bitcoin: the crypto that was left for dead 467 times but continues to fight

Within the framework of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Dimon said bitcoin’s fixed supply made it a scarce store of value comparable to digital gold.. “Everyone says that. Well, maybe I’ll hit 21 million and perhaps the photo of the mysterious founder of bitcoin Satoshi showed up and laughed at all of you”, quoted by Forbes.

What is the maximum limit of bitcoin?

satoshi nakamotoan anonymous person or group that published the bitcoin white paper in 2008, apparently abandoned the project shortly after launch. Theoretically, the so-called BTC “cap” of just over 21 million coins could be altered through a process similar to that achieved in 2017 when an attempt was made to increase the number of transactions that bitcoin can process.

I think all of this is a waste of time.and why you guys waste your breath on that is beyond me,” said Dimon, who dismissed bitcoin as “worthless” a few years ago amid the price skyrocket during the pandemic. Already in 2017 he had described it as a “fraud”. “Bitcoin itself is an exaggerated fraud,” she reiterated.


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