Instagram has a new feature to reach followers directly

instagram implemented a new function that allows users to send text or photo updates directly to followersa new initiative of the Meta Platforms Inc division to improve the service.

Meta’s CEO, mark zuckerberg, announced the news on his Instagram account this Thursday the 16th, creating his own channel. The idea is to offer another way to share posts without having to put them in a main Instagram feed that will probably have everything.

“I started this channel to share news and updates on all the products and technology we are creating at Meta,” he wrote. “This will be the place where I will share first-hand news about Meta products.”

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Meta introduces the new function as a tool for content creators to more directly reach the people who want to see their updates. As the company’s competition with video app TikTok (Instagram has a rival product called Reels) intensifies, it has adapted its algorithm to show people more content about their interests. But that will be complaints that users don’t have posts from the people they actually follow. Channels can offer another way for creators to reach their audience directly without relying solely on the Instagram algorithm.

It could be said that Instagram has become the Meta’s most important service in recent years. Not only is it the company’s best bet against TikTok, but Instagram is a major revenue generator and is responsible for much of Meta’s business growth. That role is even more important given the company’s broader focus on creating the so-called metaverse, which has been an expensive project.

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The launch of the channels also comes at an important time for Meta. Zuckerberg recently said that 2023 was going to be the “year of efficiency” and concealed that he was going to lay off some middle managers and better prioritize product efforts to help the company move faster. Earlier this week, it closed a live shopping feature to “focus on products and features that delivered the most value.”

The channels feature will eventually come to Meta’s Messenger and Facebook services, Zuckerberg said.

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