Back to school 2023: the school calendar, province by province

The back to school 2023 be officially established. The national government made public the schedule of the school year for the return of the students to the classrooms through its website, which began between the end of February and the beginning of March in the different territories of the country. Thus, the dates for the beginning of the school year in the schools of all the provinces of the Argentine Republic.

“Within a month, it is expected that 71% of the country’s primary schools will have a 25% more class hours on your schedule. It is expected to go from 720 to 960 hours. In short, it is a plan that contemplates more years of schooling, added to the 190 days of classes and the increase in hours. There are more years and more days of class, this is the key and it is what must be done”, explained the Minister of Education of the Nation, Jaime Perczyk.

The City extends the 2023 school calendar to 192 days: classes will begin on February 27

Back Classes 2023

In this sense, the Executive Branch affirmed that calendar 2023 will be integrated 38 more days of classes, after having reached a national agreement with the different provincial leaders of the country to add an extra fifth hour to the teaching of classes in schools. It will begin to be implemented in the following provinces:

  • Tucuman
  • Santa Cruz
  • chaco
  • Catamarca
  • Between rivers
  • Land of Fire
  • jump
  • Santa Fe
  • currents
  • Black river
  • Formosa
  • Jujuy
  • Santiago del Estero
  • San Juan
  • mendoza
  • Cordova

School year 2023: when classes begin in primary and secondary schools in CABA

How was the schedule for the return to school 2023 formed?

The two days set for the back to school 2023 in Argentine schools son:

on February 27 for:

  • federal capital,
  • chubut,
  • Cordova,
  • Between rivers,
  • Formosa,
  • Mendoza,
  • Black river,
  • jump,
  • saint Louis
  • Santa Cruz.

and March 1 for:

  • Buenos Aires,
  • Catamarca,
  • Chaco,
  • Jujuy,
  • the Pampa,
  • Missions,
  • Neuquen,
  • San Juan,
  • Santa Fe,
  • santiago del estuary,
  • Land of Fire
  • Tucuman.

The only province that is outside the general list is The Riojabecause their school calendar will start on March 2.

school calendar in argentina
2023 school calendar

Back to the classroom: the family educates, the school teaches

What are the educational policies that will be implemented as of the 2023 school calendar?

He Minister of Education of the Nation. Jaime Perczyk next to secretary of evaluation and educational informationGermán Lodola, planning the new class path system for him school calendar 2023. What does it consist of?

The project will be based on a platform that will register all students at the country level with their first and last names, which will allow an individual and detailed record of their academic performance to be carried out through the Comprehensive Digital Educational Information System.

Start of classes
Back Classes 2023

It is a nominal information structure to survey all learning establishments in Argentina with a single web application.

In addition, the integration of a daily “extra fifth hour” will mean that primary and secondary students will complete the equivalent of one school year further


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