After the allegations, Fernando’s mother asked “that the judges’ hands not shake”

After more than 10 hours of allegations by the Prosecutor’s Office and the individual victim, the parents of Fernando Baez Sosamurdered on January 18, 2020 in the town of Villa Gesell, spoke with the press and expressed their expectations regarding the court decision: “Fuck them the maximum penalty, that the hand of the judges does not tremble when they give sentence because they deserve it,” said Graciela, the victim’s mother.

“After this day really It was confirmed that my son was murdered in the worst way and I want them to pay because they are murderers and they had no mercy“said Graciela Sosa.

What the prosecutors said about each of the rugbiers accused of killing Fernando Baez Sosa

In the sentence requests, both lawyers were forceful in supporting the details that each defendant had an important role in the attack and crime of fernandoreason why they asked life imprisonment for all equally.

“We have always asked that it be an exemplary sentence for everyone and I agree with what the prosecution and the complaint requested. We fully trust that justice will be done,” said the victim’s parents.

Graciela spoke with the media once the day of allegations presented by Fernando Burlando ended. screenshot

Rugby players “are not human”: the defense of Fernando’s mother

Between tears, the mother of Fernando Báez Sosa pointed once again against the defendants: “They are not human, they cannot be loose around there. I was conscious, they celebrated.”

After the statement with the press, it was the turn of fernando mockingwho said: “It was a long day. We had to limit everything a bit, what I use to demonstrate was very extensive.”

Regarding the position of Graciela and Silvino, he replied: “Fernando’s parents are satisfied and that is what is important.”

Case Báez Sosa 20230125

After a crossing with Tomei on the video exhibition that had not been shown previously, Burlando explained that what was intended was facilitate the task of the Tribunal: “It will not be added as evidence to the case.”

Finally, he explained that Fernando’s crime “was a firing squad” and that everyone has the same responsibility: “Every hit was a shot”sentence the lawyer.


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